FIOS Consultants

For Family Information, Options and Support

 “Tugann muidne eolas ar Cearta agus Teidlíochtaí i réimse Tacaíochtí Teaghlaigh agus Teidlíochtaí Leasa Shóisialaigh agus Cearta san ionad oibre.”

“Bíonn gach comhairliúchán faoi rún daingean.”

“Bíodh Fios do Ghnóthaí agat”

Bíonn gach comhairliúchán faoi rún daingean.

Putting you first!  We are a customer focused welfare and social service that customises our offering to your specific needs.  We are independent from all state entities.  This allows us the freedom to focus on your best interests ahead of any state or organisations interests.

We can offer a service where we will be with you every step of the process towards a positive outcome.

FIOS is an information and advocacy service with the clear objective of offering Family Information, Options and Support.

What we do at FIOS is to provide you with a path to follow to ensure that you use this knowledge and empower yourself to get what you are entitled to.

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